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And what do I have for you today, my chickens?

I have:


So, this community for for Bellatrix Lestrange x Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle. Now, let's just think for a minute, if such a relationship were ever to occur, what it would be like...



I'll give you a few minutes to recover.


Okay, now you're prepared, you can look at such gems as this:

Gentleness was not in their nature. The rare times that the Dark Lord let his passion rule him, the sounds were not of gentle moans and soft cries. Instead they were loud, sharp screams and maniacal laughter.

What, doesn't everybody laugh maniacally in the throes of passion?

Then there's this:


Anything that begins "Bellatrix sunk to her knees before the Dark Lord.." just HAS to be full of The Horror, The Horror.

However, that seems to be the most there is ficwise. The community seems to have died some time in 2005.


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