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Previous Entry Almost makes you feel sorry for Narcissa... Apr. 2nd, 2006 @ 05:41 pm Next Entry
Considering the number of times these people seem to kill her in their fics.

Since the whole area of Death Eater-related communities seems to be a delightful minefield of perversely awful writing, here's another one for this week's Awful Pottercommunity Sunday:


Enjoy lots of very short pieces where Lucius and Bellatrix cheerfully flaunt the meaningless vows of marriage in splendid ways, often involving unforgiveable curses!


Bellatrix woke up shaking, covered in a cold sweat. She did so often, though took great care never to tell anyone. Rodolphus had never known. He was the type of person who could have slept through the end of the world. Lucius was a light sleeper, however.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, sounding groggy. His warm hand pressed against the cool flesh of her shoulder. “Bella?”

“Just a nightmare,” she managed after a moment. “Of Azkaban...” Bellatrix trailed. “I see the lonely, empty cell in my dreams... A place without you or master... sadness and loneliness. It’s… frightening...” She admitted softly.

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