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Previous Entry Did you miss me? Aug. 28th, 2006 @ 11:04 pm Next Entry
Hah, yeahright. Well, since I haven't received any firstborns lately, I suppose I'm just going to have to return to torment you, my nonexistent... wait, no, my possibly existent, but non-commenting, cunningly confusing me into thinking they were non-existent, readership with some more ADJECTIVE POTTERNOUN DAY-OF-THE-WEEK.

Today I'd just like to take a minute to laugh at Oliver Wood's name.

"I'm going to get Wood."
"Mister Potter, would you get Wood, please."
"Well, at least we've got Wood!"
"Everybody get Wood!"

Right, there's the minute. Now I'd like to have a second good old chuckle at the name of the guy who plays him in those awful films. Because clearly, with a character who has a name like that, you just have to cast a guy with a name like Sean Biggerstaff.

"I'm going to get Biggerstaff."
"Mister Potter, would you get Biggerstaff, please."
"Well, at least we've got Biggerstaff!"
"Everybody get Biggerstaff!"


Here, have a good old laugh at some fangirls squeeing over him. I'm so glad I'm far too English and sensible to squee. Now. Read this and try not to laugh at every sentence. Like eating a doughnut and not licking your lips.

Also: Yeah. Me too. I wouldn't post it on that community though. That would be silly.

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