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Crafty Pottercommunity Sunday - Potter Stinks!

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Previous Entry Crafty Pottercommunity Sunday Mar. 26th, 2006 @ 04:44 pm Next Entry
Today: People Who Like To Knit Potter Stuff!

Inspired by my current foray into Firefly hats, I've seen quite a few people around (couchetard for instance) wearing Gryffindor Scarves. These people take it a little further:

A fairly standard one, HP Knitting: http://community.livejournal.com/hp_knitting/

And a rather specific one, for knitting Weasley Jumpers. I'm not sure how, since I don't think Rowling describes them beyond the colours/designs. http://community.livejournal.com/weasleysweaters/

What I particularly like is the fact someone says they've made "Knitting Icons".

And also: "hi! My name is Zara, and my best friend is going to England in the fall to study abroad for a semester. I've been preping to make her a Weasley sweater as a going away present for when she goes to visit Kings Cross."

To visit King's Cross? Trust me, it's a train station. Not much else. Points of interest include: The Platform 9'3/4 sign. And that's it. Okay, maybe the big black mark on the ceiling over Platform 6 where the Eland was smoking away when we were there with the Belgians. The Cornwall Pasty shop? The Bagel shop (they do very tasty, hideously overpriced bagels). St Pancras is far prettier and much more artistic. Plus, there is no barrier between platform 8 and 9, just a big gap, as she will discover. Platforms beyond seven are in a separate building. Rowling was thinking of Euston when she wrote the first book.

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