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Potter Stinks!

Famous Harry Potter:Can't Even Go into a Book Shop without Making the Front Page

Peoples Against Potter
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Oh, we’ve all heard about The Boy Who Lived: Harry Potter. That noble hero, that brave boy, the light against He Who Must Not Be Named!
Funny how he gets away with a lot of things. Funny how he actually has friends. Funny how he gets receives all the fame.
Not Anymore.

Welcome to Potter Stinks, the LJ Community for those that agree that Harry Potter is a tad too over rated and famous for his own good.

Do you actually agree, anticipate and enjoy Draco Malfoy’s insults against the Boy Who Lived?
Do you believe that Potter’s side kicks deserve more credit?
Are you one of those who actually see Potter as an arrogant, whiney little bastard?
Are you one of those who hope that he dies at the end on Book 7?
Even better, do you hate Daniel Radcliffe? Was he the main reason why you started to hate Harry Potter?

Then this is the place for you! But, before joining, please follow these directions or the moderator will enforce all hell upon you along with the other members!

1.)BE A BITCH, MAN. IT'S FUNNY. No, not to each other. Not to your co-members or your moderator. Let's all bitch about Harry and people who think he's going to find love in the end.... It's obvious he's gonna die a virgin, man.
2.)ALL MEDIA SUCH AS LJ ICONS AND GRAPHICS ARE TO GO UNDER AN LJ CUT. This is to not disrupt anyone’s Friends Lists on their LJs
3.)PLEASE USE PROPER GRAMMAR, SPELLING AND HTML SKILLS. A few typos is acceptable but typing skills with abbreviations are the death of me. (That Means No: U, H8te, Lol And So Forth!)
5.)NO FAN GIRLING! Just because you hate Potter because you’re absolutely in love with Draco Malfoy doesn’t make you acceptable here, you damn groupie.

Material Accepted Here: Theories, Quotes, LJ Icons, Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Graphics (Banners, Buttons, Color Bars) Lists of why you hate Potter and Why, Ranting

This community is no way affiliated with Evangelical Groups who proclaim Harry Potter is the devil. In no way do we see that. WE'RE ALL FOR THE BOOKS and the (usually pathetic) films but we happen not to like the title character is particular. Bless J.K. Rowling for giving us wonderful characters.

And just because you dislike the boy doesn’t mean you’re ‘evil’ or automatically a Slytherin. Those are stereotypes. We no like-y them!

Attention to People who Love the Boy Wizard: Move along little doggies, there’s nothing to see here unless you want to be bashed! Trolling is pathetic, so no commenting defending Potter unless you want to be called names and such. And no, we’re not jealous: We’re just smarter than the rest of you.

Read everything? Get it? Got it? Good. Join now!

"Die Please, Kay, Thanks."